Hood Canal Environmental Council

Founded over 50 years ago, the Hood Canal Environmental Council is an organization of people who cherish Hood Canal as a unique spot in Puget Sound with its unusual marine, mountain, and forest scenery, its many relatively pristine watersheds and its clean marine water.

Our objectives:

  • To maintain a high quality environment for the Hood canal area
  • To accomplish this through willing and talented peoples' cooperative effort
  • To interest citizens and governmental authorities in environmental planning for Hood Canal
  • To support activities to accomplish the above objectives and to oppose activities harmful to them

Established as a watchdog organization in July 1969, HCEC has worked tirelessly to prevent developments in the Hood Canal watershed that could harm the Canalís environmental health and threaten the aesthetic qualities that make the canal so special to residents and visitors alike.

HCEC members and Board of Directors have volunteered their time, energy and money to make sure that this watershed remains largely undeveloped compared to the highly urbanized greater Puget Sound.